Flexible Elastomeric Foam (FEF) - Polyethylene Foam (PEF)

The working committee FEF/PEF was founded under the roof of GSH in May 2010 within a GSH general assembly in Bremen. Participants and therefore founding members of the first meeting were the companies Armacell, Kaimann, NMC and Firo. Other companies joined  and the working group meanwhile represents the majority of European FEF/PEF manufacturers.

Since June 2010 the basis for the establishment of the quality conditions for FEF and PEF insulating products were set and since March 2011 the RAL-Quality Mark can be used. The quality and test regulations for FEF and PEF were published in January 2011.

The working group FEF/PEF understands itself as European mouthpiece for the industry. Technical questions and contacts to European associations or authorities are constant topics in the meetings.