Our Members

On the following pages you can find information about our members sorted by product group and countries. This way you can easily find competente manufacturers nearby.

Our product groups :

  • BEPS        -   Bound EPS
  • EPS          -    Expanded Polystyrene
  • FEF-PEF   -    Flexible Elastomeric Foam and Polyethylene Foam
  • PUR             -  Polyurethane Foam Boards
  • VIP              -   Vacuum Insolation PanelsVakuum Isolations Paneele
  • XPS             -   Extruded Polystyrene


Countries in which our members are represented :

A Austria
B Belgium
D Germany
E Spain
F France
GR Greece
I Italy
NL Netherlands
PL Poland
UK Great Britain
THA Thailand
TR Turkey