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Please contact us if you have questions about thermal insulating products.

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We assist you if you are searching for

* Manufacturers,
* Products and applications,
* Standards and approvals,
* Other organisations, associations or Notified Bodies

or other questions concerning

* European or German monitoring and certification,
* Approvals for specific thermal insulating products or approvals 
   for particular application (e.g. perimetric insulation),
* Marking and Labelling of insulating products,
* Actions concerning non CE-marked products,

We can inform you about :

* Testing, inspection and certification rules,
* Rules about factory production control,
* Rules for marking and labelling,
* Application rules concerning reaction to fire of the insulating products,
* GSH Members and their products (List of Quality Marks)

We represent our members at

* DIBt, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik
* Bodies of the building inspection