The tasks of GSH


  • The GSH issues certificates of compliance on the basis of tests, inpections and certification  for its members.
  • The GSH issues European certificates of conformity on the basis of tests, inspections and certification for its members.
  • The GSH supports the quality assurance by assesment of the test results, by research projects and by working in German (DIN), European (EN) and international (ISO) standardisation committees.
  • The GSH assures on the basis of RAL quality rules a correct and updated use of the European and German regulations.
  • The GSH awards its the RAL quality mark for certified products of its members.
  • The GSH informs the general public about the quality assurance of the products of its members.
  • The GSH carries out a quality assurance system for products made from Polyurethane in-situ foam for buildings, building equipment and industrial installation.
  • The GSH carries out (together with ZDB and HDB ) an education for polyurethane in-situ installers. After having passed the examination the installers receive a certificate of competence.
  • The GSH issues printouts about the different themes of quality assurance of thermal insulating products.